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AndroFactory Bulk-Up

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Athletes #1 choice for Performance Enhancement.


is the Safest -Strongest- Legal and most Affordable Testosterone Enhancement available anywhere without a prescription.

Gains of 7 to 18 pounds in  8 weeks!


ANDRO FACTORY’S  BULK-UP’S Natural Prohormone is the Safest, Strongest, Legal and most Affordable Testosterone and Androgen Enhancement available on the market, period.  The methods and research used to manufacture BULK-UP and The Stack make it the most effective advanced natural muscle building product that you can buy safely and legally.  BULK-UP is guaranteed to provide amazing results from which every man will benefit.  


MOST TRUSTED Muscle Builder.


The science and technology behind ANDRO FACTORY’S flagship testosterone and androgen enhancement product BULK-UP  is a natural combination that delivers unparalleled results that you can trust.  We provide you with the knowledge and tools; You make the sound and personal choice to contour your body .  


Whether you are looking to gain lean muscle mass, a competitive edge, increased motivation,  a sense of accomplishment and well being; be it in the weight room, on the court, the field or in the social realm of your life.....



...that will make you BIG, keep you Safe and on Top of Your Game.



We guarantee it. You will not find a stronger, safer, legal more affordable testosterone enhancement anywhere or your money back.  


BULK-UP will provide noticeable results in as little as two weeks.  First with stronger lifting ability, then with muscle fullness and hardness, finally with gains between 7-18 lbs.

Please visit our testimonials, reviews and before and afters on our Community Pages.  Follow our loggers on their journey through an 8 week cycle and see real people gain real Muscle.

The unparalleled results from BULK-UP go unmatched by any other muscle building agents available today. The results come from our Advanced DHEA Complex, CP+R, Once-A-Day technology and your dedication to high protein intakes and heavy lifting.  See our included nutrition and lifting instructions for best results.

LEAN MUSCLE MASS gains from 7-18 lbs in 8 weeks.


4-DHEA-ß-DHEA-a-DHEA = The Advanced DHEA Complex  

Only ANDRO FACTORY has the anabolic effects of The Advanced DHEA Complex.  The refined combination of the multiple DHEA’s found in this complex  is created with precision and dedication to give you the results you want Big, Hard, Strong and NOW.  This makes BULK-UP the only testosterone and androgen enhancement formula comparable to prescription testosterone; supporting rapid growth with minimal to no side effects. With the high anabolic, androgenic and estrogenic activities found in The Advanced DHEA Complex, BULK-UP will pave the way to mass muscle gains, hardening, strength, stamina and an increased libido.


Blood tests reveal that these androgens can boost DHT levels by 3.5 times within 6 hours of a single 6 soft gel dose; actually creating new muscle cells from stem cells, new nuclei, increase protein synthesis abilities and Increase utilization of amino-acids for new tissue growth allowing you to retain more nutrients.

CUSTOMERS CALL BULK-UP - the only formula that delivers an equivalent dose to injectable testosterone safely, legally, effectively and affordably.


The GORILLA SERIES is designed to be the only alternative to injectable Testosterone Enanthate and prescription Testosterone Replacement Therapy.

Safest.   BULK-UP by ANDRO FACTORY is the ONLY Prohormone with a built in head start to your PCT.  Providing you with essential nutrients, amino acids and hormone protection during your cycle.


CP+R and Once-A-day Technology

Cycle Protection & Recovery with Time Released Absorption Technology


ANDRO FACTORY has specifically designed CP+R and Once-A-day technology to complement  BULK-UP and The GORILLA SERIES prohormone line; increasing successful  prohormone absorption,  helping you Recover Fasterand Preserve Gains Longer. Branding this as the safest method of building lean muscle mass while promoting protection from any possible side effects associated with general male aging, DHEA and Testosterone therapy replacement.


Inside of every  soft gel is the delivery of  vital nutrients, amino acids, antioxidants and immune boosters for muscle recovery, endocrine, hormone, prostate and teste health While promoting protection from  hair loss, gyno effects and testicular shrinkage.  


Prohormones with Protection.

The cutting edge science behind BULK-UP  delivers unparalleled effectiveness along with unmatched safety for people wanting the competitive edge provided by testosterone enhancements.  ANDRO FACTORY has minimized any potential side effects by placing the highest quality and organic when available cycle therapy ingredients inside of each prohormones soft gel.


CP+R Promoting:

·        Androgen and sex hormone regulation, balancing & protection
·        Dilatation of blood vessels for enhanced nutrient delivery
·        Anti-gyno effects (blockage of soft tissue development)
·        Superior antioxidant and immune support
·        Healthy endocrine and thyroid function
·        Increase of red blood cell production
·        Post workout muscle protection
·        Sport endurance and recovery
·        41% Hair growth & repair
·        Healthy cell development
·        Protein retention
·        Prostate health
·        Muscle health
·        Sexual vitality
·        Liver health

Once-a-day Time Released Absorption Technology       

·        Proven to enhance delivery of non-water soluble compounds
·        Delivers active ingredients to the blood stream within seconds
·        Alternative to topical creams for higher absorption and less mess
·        Superior absorption over capsules or tablets
·        Safe & non-toxic delivery system



Up to 95% of our prohormones are absorbed by our Once-A-Day Technology. One daily dose and you have a reliable source of true androgens pulsing through your body for the next 20 hours creating more testosterone and bigger gains.


Don’t risk your body to dangerous or illegal steroids!  Use BULK-UP and GET THE STACK!  

Feel the power of Testosterone.


Whether you are looking for the best possible androgen and testosterone enhancement to gain a competitive edge, or to increase your motivation to gain the body you’ve always wanted or your natural testosterone levels have dropped, ANDRO FACTORY’S BULK-UP will deliver results.  You will gain lean, hard muscle, experience new levels of confidence and motivation and an increase in libido that will benefit you by promoting confidence in the gym, on the field, court or stage, in the boardroom and in the bedroom.  You will be glad you invested in the most effective and the safest testosterone enhancing and androgen boosting prohormone product available.


Order BULK-UP from The GORILLA SERIES now and gain the power of strength.


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I love BULK-UP more than anything else. Not just cause it's the strongest out there, but because I can take it without worrying about negative side effects such as gyno as others cause
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